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As a Proud American, who has served my Country in the United States Air Force, I ask that we all remember our Troops in harms way throughout the world.  Please keep them all in your prayers, asking God to protect them and put His Angels around them.

, our parents and grandparents came here for the freedom and opportunities America offers to all who come here.  Let's not take advantage of our God-given freedoms, but be thankful for them.  And let's be careful we don't lose them.  God Bless America!!!

   Hope you are all having a good year so far!  "Summer is just around the corner!"   Continue to drive carefully, especially since children are in school, and when they are home they often chase balls into the street without looking first.   

   I'm sure many of you are planning to take some time off to do something with your children during summer.  It doesn't take alot for children to be happy and have a good time!   All they want is a mom or dad to be there for them, as well as with them.
   Don't forget Mother's Day on May the 11th, she's the only mother you have, show her your appreciation and love while you still have her.
   Let's keep our children safe from harm by watching over them.  Teach them to respect other's, and you'll see a child who will respect you.   Enjoy them while you have them, they grow so fast and before you know it they're off to college and a life of their own.  
   If your parents are still alive, thank God for them, and don't forget to call or see them, they'll love to see and hear from you, especially during holidays and birthdays.  I know that some of you may not have had loving parents, but that's okay, show them that you are bigger than that by giving them your love and care; and you will see it come back to you 100 times over with your own children.

   Now for my paid commercial:  When you are buying or selling property in today's tough real estate market, it's important to have confidence in your real estate professional.  My commitment as your local REALTOR® Consultant, is to provide you with my professional and specialized real estate service Youdeserve.

   My job is to empower you with options and opportunities, so that you can make the best choice for the most important purchase, sale and investment in your lifetime.  That's why my goal is to keep you informed on trends in the marketplace using the latest statistics in your local area.  

   With todays property staying on the market much longer, the importance of having a professional on your side has become more evident.  It is imparative to have a Realtor who knows what he is doing, not only in knowing how to expose your home to potential buyers, but negotiating on your behalf as well. 

   As a local area expert with knowledge of various communities, my objective 
and mission is to work diligently to assist you in meeting your real estate goals.  
   I can assist you if you are a First Time Buyer,  Listing your home, Purchasing a home, Condo or Townhouse, Investments, Commercial Property, Vacant Land, Business Opportunity,  Move-up, Down-size, Pre-foreclosure, REO (bank owned) properties, Probate and short sales.

   If you are considering buying or selling a home or would just like to have additional information about real estate in your area, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me, I would be more than happy to assist you in any way I can.

   Thank you for visiting my website - please consider it as your personal online source for local real estate information, and return often for the latest property listing updates.   And don't forget that you also have access to the MLS through my web site.

God Bless You,

Robert K. Pérez
Realtor Consultant

Robert Pérez
Robert Pérez
Managing Partner-Professional Realtor/Consultant
P.O. BOX 4985 DIAMOND BAR CA 91765
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